Seasons changes
Heeeeeeey folcs!
I know I've not been around lately and that's because alot of things have happened the past few months, as it always does for me...
Often everything happenes for a reasone I believe and I always look ahead all of the "bad" things, cause why bother to take notice of that, when you can be happy that it did happened insted.
To have amazing people around you is number one for me, who can be glad for whatever you decide to do and for the ones who accept you for you.
As a nice and charming person i am, I littlerly open up my heart and trust people waaaaay to easy sometimes. Which can hurt me when I realise that the person is too freakin jelous and can not be happy for me.
I'm happy that this person who was my "friend" showed he's real side of him cause now I can focus on me and ma real people! 
I'm so proud of the things i've done so far, has made me see wider in life. The one thing I should have done a year ago I finally made a decision just a month ago. I'm feeling free as a bird and so much happier!
Doing things I love - YOLO!
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