The best Pride night evvvvvvvver! (30-31/7)
I've lost my voice...
 I'm bubbling of happiness!
With no expectation at all entries on this trip to Stockholm traveling alone, I had three fantastic days.
Went to places where there been alot of discussion about alot of the hang out places on Facebook and I met alot of
lovely people!
First 29/7
the day I met Timmy that I hung out with all night, Conrad
came from Gotland and a few other girls who I unfortunately have a
Doris memory of. So beautiful creatures!

The second day was Saturday the 30th, the IT day really!

The job as a parade volunteer gave me a lot, painfull tired feet,
new friends and for a damn good mood. You should have seen me with
Irene that I worked alot with. She was like YOU are coco! I totally freaked out
indeed, had been so high of adrenaline in me and was so sick of psyched
concert and moreover happy to be there.
I'm so proud of myself that I actually took the step to even find, the experience.
parade got started everyone was very happy! With flatbed truck with
various parties, groups that played loud music, people dancing along the
way. It was simply a happy place for LGBT people.
greatness was still when I saw Conrad walk by. We both had a mission
to find each other during the parade among a sea of ​​thousands of people,
we had talked together for us the day before. When we saw each other, the
feeling hit when we yelled at each other, it's indescribable.
Conrad was so happy that he lifted me up with a giant hug and was so freakin happy.
Gaaash what a lovely guy, I'm just sayin!!!
best of the evening came to an end, it was speculating that Ruby was really
late, she would only have time to drop by and say hello in the park. Which was
disappointing for me. However, I know it wasn't her fault ...
It was the festival who told her to come late. But anyway, and then play
more on Ambassadeur instead. I freaked out!!!
Not enough,
three other girls me and my friend met. One of them was a really big fan and
found out about this. She was flabbergasted and really fully scored,
poor girl! But you should really know what happened when Ruby actually
This girl of 17 years old was the happiest during the concert.
She cried rivers due Ruby jumped down from the stage and ran, leaving a
t-shirt to her. I mean... I felt so much for her right then!

"At Pride Park
jumped like no other in the crowd and Ruby saw that and guess what? She
peaced me out and had the kindest big of a smile. To make sure she did that too
me, I did a thumbs up and she nodded her head and smiled. <3
Is that special or whaaaaaaat ????
And the other best part is when i screamed
RUUUUUUUUBYYYY @ the Closing Party, she looked at me and smiled! I was like
O.M.G she heard and saw me again!?? :D
And the third
part was w
hen Ruby ends the show she shaked hands with all of us in the front. I was in and
grabbed her hand and arm. It lasted for 2-4 seconds, IT WAS AMAAAAAAZING !!!
Me and another girl next to me, looked at eachother and was totally IN love and on cloud nine!
We were ️ like O.M.G O.M.G O.M.G!!! What just happend!?? :O "

Peace &

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